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Blockchain Podcast Network is the sister podcast to Speaking of Crypto. Educational and informative. A group of experts on each episode explore topics on Blockchain for Business B4B, AI and new technologies for business.

001. Isn’t Crypto For Criminals?


Linda Goetze, President

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Joel Telpner, Chair Fintech and Blockchain Practice

Sullivan + Worcester LLP

Most Bitcoin and Blockchain podcasts are so pro crypto that there isn’t a lot of room for the tough questions that newcomers to the space are asking.

Isn’t Bitcoin illegal? Won’t I lose a whole bunch of money? What about getting into crypto when there’s a USD FedCoin? 

We answer these questions in today’s episode and in the next few weeks will be featuring shows on Why Blockchain is Revolutionary, Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, Regulation + Government, and Tokenization and the SEC.

I talk to Linda Goetze from the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta and Joel Telpner, blockchain and crypto lawyer at Sullivan and Worcester firm in New York City.

I ask them to address some of the fears that people who are new to the space have around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world.

The Devil’s Advocate episode. For all those who are fearful of crypto. 

What are the benefits of cryptocurrencies for monetary transactions or for other use cases?

  • Isn’t Bitcoin illegal?
  • Isn’t crypto for people who want to do illegal things and hide their money away from the government?
  • What’s the difference between using my Apple Wallet and crypto? It’s paperless and I don’t even need to carry my credit card with me anymore.
  • What do you think about waiting to get into crypto until the day when there’s a USD Fed Coin. Isn’t that the safest thing to do, move my USD to a USD coin?
  • What is the safest thing to do for someone who hasn’t yet invested in crypto?
  • I missed the boat on Bitcoin, why should I consider using crypto or blockchain tech in my business at this stage?
  • A lot of people have lost money investing in cryptos or ICOs. The whole thing just seems like a bad investment. What are the benefits of cryptocurrencies for monetary transactions or for other use cases?

Featured guests include:

Joel Telpner, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester

Linda Goetze, President, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce